Teens' Shopping Habits and Their Impact of the Brands

With more exposure to the outside world, teens are more focused about what they wear and how they look. It doesn’t matter where they are going or which event they are going to attend, they always want themselves to look attractive and different from others. Having said that, they used to change their buying pattern with every fashion trend, which forces retailers to make extra efforts to understand their likes and dislikes. This information helps retailers to determine the fate of a brand.

As brands are preparing themselves with a new variety of party wear dresses for girl to take advantage of the upcoming holiday sales season, a recent study on teens’ shopping habits has highlighted some critical points of worry- part of Gen Z, Teens, has reported a visible decline of 4% in their annual spending as compared to the previous one, thereby declaring it to be at the lowest level in 8 years.

While talking about female teens, they have shown a significant decline by $90 a year in their purchasing power for handbags, which is literally half of the $197 earnings from the past couple of years. Even, cosmetics, the love of every female, has experienced a whopping decrease by over 20% from the previous one. These studies also translate into various other findings, particularly about political and social issues. They are now more concerned about using metal straws, less plastic and more recycling.

After this, let’s now discuss some of the takeaways:

· Preppy-Style Teen Uniform

Based on the performance scorecard of the fashion brand in India, the study confirmed teens’ preferences towards athletic labels. Based on one survey, The Label has grabbed a major market portion for teens as well as kids designer wear in India.

H&M maintained its position as the number 1 brand for clothing labels and shoes among teens. Even, it showed an incredible rise in the stocks that are enough to meet the demand. Skate Shoe Vans is standing at number 2 amongst teens’ favourites for footwear along with Converse and Adidas. After some major changes Crocs, the plastic-clog maker, jumped from number 13 to number 7, thereby proving themselves to be a major contributor of casualization in dresses for girls.

· Handbags

With changing economic conditions, handbag spending has hit the lowest spot as compared to where it used to be for years. Industry giants got the biggest shock in business as their collective brand share has fallen significantly. On the other hand, local handbags became a big hit since most of teenagers tend to spend their own money on the purchase.

· Food- the Biggest Chunk of Teens

Nothing tends to be more important than food- not even girls’ dresses online! Restaurants have reported around 23% spending by teens, which is literally more than clothing that stands at 21%. Here the thing to mention is that 68% of teens prefer limited-service restaurants instead of going to full-service restaurants.

Since India has a mix population of vegetarian and non-vegetarian, restaurants have to cater to both groups. With that being said, McDonald's’ is among those international brands that have managed to achieve this milestone with their hard work.

· Every Shopper’s Paradise: E-Commerce Websites

According to 52% of teens, they prefer online shopping sites to shop for things they need. Whether they want a beautiful pair of shoes, a gorgeous prom dress or a durable backpack, everything is available at reasonable prices. The best of all, they get to enjoy a number of daily/weekly deals along with sale/discounts during special occasions. Teenagers usually wait for such offers to get things of their choice. What they used to do is to create a list of items they are in need and order them as soon as they come across any offer or deal.