Smartphones and Fashion

New innovations keep hitting the fashion industry both in terms of the ideas of the fashion designers as well as the sale process and there is always room for something unique. No wonder the sector of online fashion boutiques was the first to be hit by the e-commerce trend.  Smartphone apps have successfully shifted the focus of people from desktop screens to mobile screens. Let’s explore the impact of the same

Consumer Loyalty

Smartphone apps successfully maintain the records of consumers and help in building consumer loyalty. The next time the consumer opens the app, he/she can easily find whatever they were looking at earlier. Repeat customers are drawn in due to their comfort and ease.

 Virtual Tryout

Thanks to Image Processing technology, you can try out dresses in Augmented Reality and thus steer clear from making errors. This is especially helpful while purchasing women’s designer clothes from boutiques online. Moreover, nowadays it is even possible to try out how certain sunglasses look online on you before adding them to the cart. You can even purchase sunglasses for your kids, be it boys or girls.

Reaching Niche Markets

There are several designers out there who deal with specific niches. There are some who deal with factory outlet goods including general women’s clothes like tops, skirts, lingerie and swimwear and others who deal with slightly used designer goods like luxury clothing, designer clothes, and bags online. Through fashion online shopping on online fashion sites, fashion trends that they see on fashion blogs can easily reach the doorsteps of those consumers who are interested in such products.

Social Media-driven

Since people access both their social media platforms as well as shopping apps through their smartphones, it is possible to integrate both and thus enjoy a better conversion rate. Consumers are more likely to get attracted to those products whose ads are based on their preferences. Fashion blogs often use this to up their game in the sales of fashion accessories, bags for girls, summer dresses, etc.

Easier To View

The consumers can reach the stores online and look at the products through the big screens of smartphones. Improvements like providing videos of products have been successful in attracting more consumers. This is helpful in purchasing office fashion and office uniforms where it is important to pay attention to the details.


Through smartphones, consumers can successfully look at the various options available for them. They can also research the reviews of the products they are aiming to purchase and look at the trending items of fashion houses and fashion week.

Transactional Function

Smartphones have made it much easier for consumers to indulge in impulse buying through their transactional functions. The next time you want to purchase a dress for women, you can search for dresses online. The flexibility provides by smartphones to the entire shopping process is commendable. Moreover, there is a variety of e-wallets available to consumers now. Some of these also allow them to purchase merchandise. These apps also maintain an account of the budget of the consumers.

By going through so many points, you would have hopefully realized that the era of smartphones has finally dawned upon us. If you don’t take a step in this direction, you will soon see a day when a customer will get attracted to the products in your rival’s store when he is still standing in your store. This can only come after carefully studying the behavior of consumers and not catering to a one size fits all approach.