Kids’ Clothes are So Cute That Parents Spend More on Them as Compared to Theirs’

Just like people have to pay taxes and face death, parents are certain about seeing their kids outgrow clothes sooner or later. Although the market is steady and prices are quite reasonable, parents don’t seem to settle on cheap disposable fashion in any way. They are always on the lookout for expensive and stylish trends that can make their kids look different than the rest. It doesn’t matter if their kids are a few months old or leaving their schools, they always want them to stand out among others.

Apart from this, parents are also concerned about how kids’ designer wear feel on their skin. They want every item to be tested properly, especially outerwear, school wear etc. When clothes are tagged with this guaranteed, parents probably won’t mind paying a little premium for their kids’ safety. According to one study, quality and durability are the two basic grounds that can help a kids’ clothing brand to get into a win-win scenario.

Estimated Spending on Kids’ Clothes

Around 84% of parents want their children to wear pure cotton as it is more comfortable, breathable and durable as compared to other materials. Even, some parents reported allergic reactions due to fibre substitutions and therefore, they are happy to pay a bit extra just to keep their kids’ skin safe and protected. Another study showed a significant rise in kids clothing online shopping across the world, especially in India. Not only this, but luxury brands also declared that parents might be making decisions to spend $700 or more on their children’ holiday dresses, which could earn around $29.6 billion to the global market.

As with any other market, kids’ cloth market also has two types of shoppers- one who is not in the mood to spare no expense just to keep their kids stylish while others are those are looking for the best options within their budget. Yes, these general shoppers look for novelty, quality and fashion along with price, unlike those upscale customers who have unlimited to spend. These high-end customers look for exclusive products, forward fashion merchandise and quality just to hear applause and appreciation from others. Here, one thing is common in both cases- styling!

Why do Parents Usually visit Luxury Brands?

Luxury brands used to mention one thing that parents visit their stores with the surety of not seeing the dresses for girls and boys shred into pieces after some time. They are certain about quality along with well-made clothes. While on the other hand, average shoppers want outfits that are practical and washable.

Most of the designer brands use high-quality fabrics for the fine finish but this approach cannot be declared practical as not all customers can afford them. Mass and the mid-level market are more concerned about what children actually need and how it will be fun for their parents to dress them up.

When it comes to buying kids wear boys and girl for school, almost 47% of parents want them to be more fashionable than their basics. More than half of them look for top quality items at the best prices; whereas, the rest want to have an extremely practical outlook within a certain price limit just so parents do not regret buying expensive clothes when children destroy them.

Last but not the least, there are a lot of customers who prefer to shop from stores because they don’t want to blindly choose anything by looking at the screen. They want to feel and see kids designer wear so that they can be sure about the quality and softness on the baby’s skin. Also, they believe that they can have access to various styles and options as compared to what is normally present online. They can also use their creativity and mix and match various pieces to make one outfit.