Keep Your Baby's Skin Healthy and Protected with Organic Clothes

For today’s world, the word ‘Organic’ has become a buzzword. Not only does it require manufacturers to start using natural products but also influence users to change their buying pattern. From fruits to shampoos, veggies and skincare products, things have to be organic to give the desired results. In other words, there is a deep science behind emphasis to use organic products.

Similarly, the principle is applied on what people wear. According to the experts, it’s necessary to shift to organic supplies, especially for babies because they are too delicate and sensitive to be exposed to the outside conditions. They used to have a high skin surface to body volume ratio, which increases their tendency to absorb chemicals. Actually, they have thinner skin as compared to adults and therefore, it is prone to absorbing harmful additives.

So, the real question is how to protect them from these harms? The answer is to use organic designer baby clothes online in India, instead of letting synthetic materials to get in contact with their skin. Synthetic materials are usually made up of esters, petrochemicals, PVC, and the likes, which are known to cause immunity disorders, cancer and behavioural problems.

Why buy organic clothes for babies?

For expecting and new parents, shopping for their babies is always one of the most beautiful and enjoyable experiences. They desire to buy everything they come across as they are small and super cute. But, what they should be concerned is to choose quality and organic clothes that can protect their babies’ skin from various problems.

Baby clothes at online or retail stores are normally treated with chemicals and so, they are harmful to baby skin.

Vulnerability to Toxic Chemicals

As mentioned above, babies cannot tolerate the harshness of chemicals. They have a huge impact on their early development, because:

  • They have more exposure as compared to their body size. Babies have the ability to absorb more from the environment as compared to their adults.
  • They are at high risk as their brains and bodies are developing over the time and therefore, are less likely to eliminate or break down chemicals into their bodies.

Baby Skin is Permeable

Since most of the toxins and chemicals used to enter babies’ bodies through their skin, it’s necessary to be extra careful for their protection. Whether it is respiratory absorption or gastrointestinal, parents have to be certain about their choices.

Due to their permeable skin, toxins can easily enter their bodies. Although babies have the same number of layers as adults, they are not that thick and resistant to outside elements. Their epidermis layer is 3 to 5 times thinner than adults, which is responsible to protect their bodies. With that being said, parents should always have organic kids designer dresses.

Tips to Choose Organic Baby Clothes

While parents are getting more focused on giving their babies organic food, experts also recommend them to get serious about how to buy clothes for them. It’s true that the message of chemically-treated baby clothes cannot reach to many people due to which, babies are facing a lot of problems in one way the other.

Non-organic cotton is actually the dirtiest crop in the world as it is grown with 7% of pesticides and 16% of insecticides. On the contrary, polyester and other materials are originated from petroleum and gone through various chemical reactions to get into the shape.

So, the safest alternative is to switch to organic cotton, no matter if parents are looking for a birthday dress for a baby girl or any other occasion. Since it is grown naturally with no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals, there wouldn’t be any chances for baby skin to face any trouble. Keep in mind that switching to organic refers to limiting skin exposure of the baby to harmful chemicals.

It’s Still Difficult to Make a Choice

After all this discussion, parents still find it hard to make up their mind to buy organic clothes for their babies. For first-time parents, it’s still quite hard and confusing to choose clothes and when it comes to going organic, things become more difficult. So, what they should do is to do some in-depth research and buy quality products.