Clothing represents Personality Traits

Your clothing says a lot about you. Everything right from their ambitions to their financial situation can be gauged by what dress/clothes people choose to wear.

An Aid as well as a Weapon

Now is the era of reflecting your personality through the fabric on your body and your clothing acts as both a weapon and an aid. This time period has seen a huge rise in people wishing to order dresses online as well as to visit a brick and mortar place for this purpose.

Our clothes not just help us in understanding where we fit in but also help us in securing a position at the place where we want to see ourselves. Clothing helps in grasping sense of what we really are and what really represents us.

For example, look at the Real Housewives TV Series. Don’t they use clothing as a weapon? Luxury clothing is often a status symbol. This is true for boys and girls and men and women alike.

Clothing Projects an Image

Your clothing can often present a good or a bad image in the very first meeting and it is pretty hard to change the opinions of people after that.

Though we still haven’t come up with any specific type of clothing that makes a person look successful, the classics have lasted the test of time. Some things can just not be limited to 90s fashion or 80s fashion. A black dress and pumps can just never go wrong when it comes to dresses for women. Online fashion designers and fashion blogs still sing its praises.  Throughout history, it has proved to be suitable for a range of age groups and body types. So, you don’t really need to exercise your grey cells and the classics do the difficult part for you.

Similarly, there is no specific type of clothing which is bound to make a person look unsuccessful. Everything depends on how you present yourself. Any attire which reflects lack of effort in putting it together will leave a bad impression. If your clothing doesn’t adequately represent who you are or what situation you are in, you have made the wrong choice. A summer dress and a boutique saree are meant or two different purposes. Your clothes should never hinder the process of your job. A boutique design is likely to put across a bad message in an office where office fashion will definitely work. You must respect your office uniform.

Your Clothes Speak To You

Ever heard of the term “enclothed cognition”? It refers to the process by which your clothing influences your psychological processes. Your clothes not just tell stories about you but also talk to you.  They influence your feelings and just your choice of clothing is not arbitrary.

Try dressing up nicely and getting out of your bad the next time you feel gloomy. You won’t take much time in realizing the difference yourself. Clothing helps in shifting your internal self from that sense of despair. Often during interviews, you would have heard actors talking about how clothing expresses their character. It is indeed true.

Your choice of clothing should not be based on how you feel but on how you “want” to feel. Blindly following the fashion trends, fashion houses and fashion weeks isn’t enough. This is because “enclothed cognition” had proved that your clothes talk to you.

You should always dress up in a way that makes you feel powerful and sexy. Most of us are a blend of various styles and should always aim at making better choices with each passing day.