7 Unique Boutique Design Pieces In My Wardrobe

The first half of the year 2019 has been a success in terms of the fashion industry. Everything came together and worked in favor of this new fashion boldness movement going on.

As for me, I'm a big fan of anything and everything that's in trend. I love having my cupboard filled with every fashion trend there is. I thoroughly enjoy being in charge of what I wear and how do I want to wear it.

I thought I'll give you a little tour of my small inventory which is my wardrobe. So let's go.

●     In love with Khadi

The biggest designers in the world have rediscovered the beauty that this graceful piece of cloth has to offer. From the rough clothing style to the ‘Malmal’, I'm a big fan of any apparel choice that uses khadi.

So, the first must-have is khadi. I always have at least one piece of Khadi clothing in my wardrobe. The best part about Khadi is that it helps your skin breath. It's the best choice for summer.

●     Clothes With an Indian Accent

Many fashion designers have introduced these kinds of designs internationally. These designs are actually western clothing items. But they have an Indian accent as well. A touch of India, matched with these chic designs makes for the trendiest apparel.

So, if you open my wardrobe, you will see that it is filled up with these clothes. I do prefer wearing western-style kurtas or a crop top with long skirts. These are my all-time favourite combinations.

●     Black, White, and Grey

I guess everyone will agree if I say that these are the most popular colors in the industry. Every designer has at least one black, white and grey in their collection.

The very same way my inventory is filled with these colors. Especially when it comes to black, I've got a special place in my heart. It's one of the best colors and the best part of these colors is that every other color compliments it.

●     Inclusion of Colours

Even though I love the colors mentioned above, my inventory has some other stuff as well. There are many other colors which I like. There's maroon, blue, orange, red, mint green.

●     Curation and Creation

Most of the time when I don't find anything that I like about my wardrobe,  I try to create something different from all the things that I have.

●     Functional Garments

Since I'm a big fan of fashion I love having garments that can do more than just cover me up. I always have an anti-stain anti-wrinkle T-Shirt in my wardrobe as it can be handy in the time of emergencies.

●     Finely Tailored Garments

I love a garment that is made to perfection. If the clothes you are wearing need to be sewed, it should be done with perfection.

So, these are the fashion garments that are a part of my inventory. It's all about being confident and you will be able to pull off any fashion trend that you want to.